06.11 – 04.16 Ph.D. at the Department of Political and Social Sciences (SPS), European University Institute
Dissertation Project: The regime change and social inequality: Educational and job careers in the Soviet and post-Soviet Era, Scientific Committee: Prof. Dr. H.-P. Blossfeld (EUI, Florence), Prof. Dr. D. Kurakin (HSE, Moscow), Prof. Dr. Klarita Gërxhani (EUI, Florence), Prof. Dr. David Bills (The University of Iowa), defended on 14.04.2016
04.11 Master Thesis at IAB (KEM):„Influences of Respondent and Interviewer Incentives on Survey Responses. An Empirical Analysis using PASS”, Supervisors: Prof. Dr. S. Rässler, Prof. Dr. F. Kreuter, Dr. S. Eckman, Grade 1,0 / ECTS A
10.08 – 04.11 Otto-Friedrich-University of Bamberg
Master of Science in European Economic Studies (EES): Grade 1,6/ECTS B
09.07 Bachelor thesis: „Road pricing in the western European Union – Theoretical background and proposals for reform”, Supervisor: Prof. Dr. H.-D. Wenzel, Grade 1,3 / ECTS A
10.04 – 09.07 Otto-Friedrich-University of Bamberg
Bachelor of Art in European Economic Studies (EES): Grade 2,1 / ECTS B
10.06 – 07.07 Staybroad at Université de Fribourg Suisse (Switzerland),
Program in Economics, Grade 2,2 / ECTS B
09.01 – 09.02 Kyiv National University of Culture and Art,
Program in Management and Business of the socio-cultural activity; distance study
09.99 – 06.01 International Solomon University of Kyiv,
Program in Economics
09.89 – 05.99 Abitur at the Humanitarian Gymnasium №2 in Mykolaiv (Ukraine),
Major in English, Grade 1,3 / ECTS A

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