My research deals with questions of economic-social disadvantage and integration of refugees and other immigrants. Conceptually, I combine economic and sociological labor market and migration theories to investigate the role of individual resources (e.g., human capital, social capital) and institutions (at the national and local level) for key life domains (work, language acquisition, health, family, social networks) of immigrants. At the empirical level, I work with large-scale surveys using longitudinal and (quasi)experimental research designs as well as international comparative analyses.

I also use my expertise to provide evidence-based policy advice both domestically and internationally. Effective evidence-based policy advice naturally requires high-quality data. In this context, another research focus is the development of methods to improve the quality of social science data.

My work is published in form of peer-review journal articles, books chapters, research and policy reports . Moreover, I have co-edited edited volumes and collections in peer-reviewed journal.

I am member of several professional associations and international research networks. 

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